Food Safety Audit Overview

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Elite Food Safety Training®, a trusted name since 2009 is proud to offer food safety audits for your establishments. We conduct the audits following the guidelines set by the FDA food code assuring you a thorough and comprehensive auditing process.

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to guide managers through the audit to help them understand proper food safety practices, personal hygiene compliance, food quality standards, sanitation practices and cleanliness and maintenance issues.

After the audit is complete, EFST will address root causes of opportunities found during the audit, develop corrective action plans, follow up with management on the progress made and offer assistance if needed.

EFST is dedicated to teaching and coaching clients how to make their workplace a safer and healthier environment for themselves and their customers.

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Benefits of Elite Food Safety audits

  • Improvement of product safety, quality, and consistency.
  • Helps eliminate potential risks.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Increase customer confidence & brand loyalty.

What you can expect with our audits

  • Train & coach restaurant staff and management with proper food safety practices.
  • Conduct assessments that include food quality standards, sanitation practices, cleanliness, and maintenance issues.
  • Address root causes of opportunities and help develop corrective action plans.
  • Offer assistance long after the inspection.

We currently have two options:

Individual Audit
  • One-time visit.
  • Audit report at the end of the session.
Audit Series
  • 1 scheduled audit.
  • 3 random unscheduled audits.
  • Full audit report at the end of the session.